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The Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES) is pleased to announce the appointment of new interim board president Matthew Greenwood. Matthew has served on the ACCRES board of directors since September 2019 and will be replacing Jeremy Jacob as Interim President of the Association. The board of directors would like to thank Jeremy for his exceptional contributions to the organization and for his leadership in the last 2 years.

Matthew is an experienced professional who has worked in the cannabis industry from a Commercial Real Estate perspective for four years prior to becoming a partner in Up in Smoke. Matthew has served on numerous boards of both trade associations and not-for-profits.

“I am excited to step into the role of President with ACCRES, even though I have some large shoes to fill. Jeremy has been an excellent leader of the retail cannabis industry and is owed an immense amount of gratitude for moving our industry forward. I know that this role will be a challenge, but I am excited to continue working with my fellow board members and our amazing Executive Director to ensure that we are creating change rather than reacting to it.“

We would like to express our thanks to Jeremy Jacob for his 4 years on the board of directors and the positive impact he has had on the Canadian cannabis industry through its transition to legalization. He will continue to work with ACCRES in his new role as Past President.

Jeremy is a co-founder at Village Bloomery, a “legacy” cannabis shop in Vancouver that successfully transitioned to the regulated cannabis retail industry after 4 years of operations. During his tenure as president of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD), Jeremy sat with the Federal Task Force on Legalization in September 2016, and in May 2018 testified to the Canadian Senate on Bill C-45. Over the last 4 years, spanning ACCRES’ evolution from its predecessor organization, CAMCD, he has represented legacy cannabis retailers at over a dozen conferences and events in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Seattle. ACCRES is deeply grateful to Jeremy for his leadership during that transitory phase of the organization’s development through the early days of legalization.

“It’s been a privilege and an honour to serve this community, and to have been a part of the tremendous movement by so many that led to cannabis finally being legalized. I want to give a big thank you to Rielle Capler, Rosy Mondin, and Heather Tayler, whose help has been invaluable on this challenging journey. ACCRES is an invaluable vehicle for cannabis retailers to shape and influence our industry. I am happy to hand off this role to Matthew Greenwood, who I know to be a person of integrity. I’m happy to continue to support the organization as a board member and advisor.”

The members and staff at ACCRES are thankful to have such knowledgeable and passionate people on our team. Matthew will be leading the current ACCRES board: Directors Geoff Dear, Andrew Gordon, Jeremy Jacob, Alfred Schaefer and Laurie Weitzel until September 2020 at which time members will review the board as a part of the annual AGM. We would like to give Matthew a warm welcome in his new role and wish Jeremy well on all future endeavours.