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What We Are All About

The Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia (RCCBC) is an established non-profit industry advocate group that gives private cannabis retailers a voice with regulators. For the last 7 years RCCBC, formerly ACCRES, has been a trusted resource for municipal, provincial and federal regulators.

Who We Are

We are a non-profit, member driven industry association. We are a group of business owners from many walks of life.


Our Goals

The goal of the organization is to serve as a positive, proactive advocate to protect and expand business opportunities for the private cannabis retail industry. Building a thriving and sustainable private cannabis retail industry in BC and across Canada is our primary focus.


Our Legislative Efforts

We are actively working to ensure that all relevant legislation and regulations create a favourable environment for cannabis retailers in Canada.


We facilitate the integration of retailers’ efforts towards community initiatives, research, outreach, and navigating the current regulatory frameworks for cannabis.

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Our board, members and network include some of Canada’s most knowledgeable and experienced cannabis professionals.

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